Neither shall they learn war anymore. —Micah 4:3

            Can you even imagine that? War has and is raging in this world and will until the end of the age. But yes there is a time coming when war will no longer exist.   Oh happy and glorious day that will be.   Wars exist because of opposing powers wanting land, wanting domination, wanting material goods and resources, wanting…   Then to get it war starts…

            But try to imagine the coming time where there will be no more conflict. No more, no more conflict, no more arguing…   A time coming that will only know peace because the Prince of Peace will be reigning. One day this will be reality! Yes, even so come Lord Jesus!

Dear Father I long for that time and so look forward to that time. Please help me to live now as You desire me to and to encourage others to call on Jesus so they will know this coming future as well. May this be so in the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Jesus.   May it be so.

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