The wicked borrows but does not pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives. —-Psalm 37:21

               How wicked are those who intentionally borrow without any plan to pay back?  This is true of an individual, a business, the government or anyone else.  This is stealing… it is theft by taking without any intent of giving back and it shows the evil nature of man.  He wants to take what God has forbidden.  It started in the garden when they took of the tree that God said not to take of.

               The U.S. governmental debt is 31.4 trillion and it appears that there is no intention to pay that back.  Instead, our government keeps raising the debt limit to borrow more and more.  It is fiscally out of control. 

               Let’s think how evil this is for a moment.  An individual’s money/wealth represents the time and effort that is exerted to attain those finances.  Money represents their life’s hard work.  When government whimsically spends that money, it is showing a disregard for the lives of the people that provided that money through taxes.  It is devaluing the lives of tax-payers.  It is wickedness.  It is actually theft by using tax-payers money to cause a debt that the government leaders are not planning to repay.  They have indebted the tax-payer, used the tax-payer, devalued the tax-payer and have not regard for the tax-payer… except for what they can provide.  They care not about their life. 

               On the other hand, the righteous are generous and give.  The righteous have budgeted their wealth, know what they have and spend within their means.  In turn, they have money uncommitted which they are able to give to others who have need.  All this without going into debt.  They are able to pay their bills because they have planned to do so.

               When government is irresponsible with tax-payers money, it shows their true attitude toward those tax-payers.  To them tax-payers are no longer the people the government serves, but government see tax-payers as their servants and only financial conduits to feed their evil debt building.

               Brothers and sisters, fellow followers of Jesus, may we be faithful with the finances our Lord has given us to be stewards over.  And… let us pray that our government would be a faithful steward with the money of tax-payers.  Oh, that this would be so.

Dear Father, may I be faithful with the finances You have given Elaine and I.  Oh, that our government would come to their senses and use tax-payers finances wisely.  May this be so by the movement of Your Holy Spirit and under the authority of Your Son Jesus.

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