So I will send a fire… —Amos 1:4

So I will send a fire… —Amos 1:10

So I will send a fire… —Amos 1:12

 So I will kindle a fire… —Amos 1:14

So I will send a fire… —Amos 2:2

…therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities. —Amos 3:2

Does disaster come to a city, unless the LORD has done it? —Amos 3:6

            You think God doesn’t judge a people?  His Word is filled with warnings and examples of people crossing a line where His patience runs out.  I am sure if I were living in other countries I would be saying a similar thing, but at what point will God say to the United States that the line has been crossed and judge?  I think we have crossed it.  He is letting our nation go…

            Just look how rapid our nation is deteriorating. 

  • The wickedness of human and sex trafficking is on the increase. Little children, 5-year-olds are being sex trafficked.  Our government is fueling this and doing nothing about it.
  • The drugs flowing into this country is at an all time high. It is said that about 300 people are dying each day from drugs and our government is doing nothing about it.
  • Millions are being allowed to flood over our borders and we do not know who these people are. A “Trojan House” or many of them are surely entering our nation and our government is promoting this.
  • Media, including social media and many in government positions are blatantly lying to the American populace, manipulating so many in society in negative ways.
  • Our health care system is rapidly declining with long waits. This is inexcusable, but again, government policies are creating this crisis. 
  • The economy is a mess. Workers are hard to find in most fields.  Government manipulation.
  • Our educational system has been hijacked by radicals which will produce even more radicals. Institutions are being used to indoctrinate our youth.
  • Government corruption at the highest offices is occurring without much accountability or consequences. Criminal information by those in the highest offices in our land is now easily known by the populace, but little action is taken against those breaking the law.
  • Injustices… the every day person, the ordinary person of our society will be held accountable to their wrong doing, but we are now even seeing people immediately released back into society without any bail just to repeat criminal activity.
  • Crimes of cold heartedness are on the increase. Even the elderly are being attacked more often.

Mental illness. demonic activity and a judgment of God letting us go our own way is upon us.  Without a turning to Him things will only get worse in our culture.  We are becoming more and more a culture of death— a culture that does not value life and any level.  Economy even shows this.  Money is a measurement of life spent to make it.  When the government intentionally causes inflation, they are intentionally impacting your life in a negative way.  They are callous toward your life.  They really do not care about your life.  That is where we are at as a nation.  May God have mercy on us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On-whMoulOM&t=228s Faithfully follow Him, brother and sister, by the power of His Holy Spirit and in the authority of His Son Jesus… now and times coming.


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