If a ruler listens to lies, all his officials become wicked. —Proverbs 29:12

This is an amazing statement made about 3000 years ago and yet it is as relevant today as it was then. Now if a ruler listens to lies, if he is receiving information that he knows is false and passing it on as truth, then this is bad news for those he rulers over. Not only that but because he is willingly listening to lies and passing it on that means those “officials” of his become wicked. How can this not be the case? Now we are to pray for those in authority, but that does not mean we agree with them nor expose what they are doing.

Let it be clear… when a ruler goes against the clear teaching of God’s Word and hearing and taking counsel that goes against God’s Word, then they are listening to lies and those promoting lies are wicked. Let’s look at a few…

  • Those screaming out at Vietnam Vets as “baby killers” (not that I agree with that statement) are the ones now in office killing/promoting the killing of millions of babies in the womb and would do so and have with those babies born alive—- hypocrites… liars… Beware of anyone who believes in the lie that abortion is OK. It is from the pit of hell and one who believes in abortion will be in rebellion against God in other ways as well. You can count on that!
  • Sexuality— God’s design for sexual intimacy is in marriage and marriage alone. That is God’s design. Now man has come up with all kinds of other ideas, but they are lies and are in rebellion to God. Hey, it is that plain and simple. It is…
  • Gender Identity— Again, God’s design man and woman… period. Now the world is coming up with all kinds of “identity.” If a person has male parts… guess what… they are male! And if a person has female parts guess what… they are a female! Yes, it is as simple as that. What about DNA… I thought people love to go according to science. Now, a person says, “I identify as a __________.” Ok, if it is other that the physical parts you have then it is all in the brain. It is a mental issue and to men and women to identify otherwise is rebelliousness against God. Yes, it is that simple.
  • Critical Race Theory— How many races are there? Really there is only one and even science traces us all back to common ancestry. Race is often used but in reality it is offspring or family lines we are talking about. CRT seeks to divide people in a multitude of areas and if you don’t agree with those who hold to CRT then you wind up being the problem. There is not tolerance for those who disagree with them. CRT is a lie… it has Marxist roots. Satan seeks to create confusion and disunity; God will encourage clarity and unity. Another lie…
  • Riots that are called protests— Satan is all about lawlessness and harming people and property (Just read through the first chapter of the Book of Job). We are being fed lies about BLM (another Marxist rooted group) and others who are being allowed to riot. Where are our leaders? Where are the ones who swore to uphold law and order? We are being lied to.
  • Crisis creating— “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.” Remember that? Covid has been used to take away your freedoms… do you understand that? Covid has been used to dumb down our children… do you understand that? Covid has been used to destroy small businesses… do you understand that? Covid has been used by government to feed us money so we become dependent on it… do you understand that? Covid is being used as a test to see how much government can get away with… do you understand that? Covid is being used in an attempt to bring further restrictions… do you understand that? This is a wakeup call… do you understand that?
  • Gas prices— they are a good indicator of what is happening in our economy. Do you enjoy paying a dollar more per gallon of gas in just the last 6 months? We have not heard of OPEC for an awfully long time, but they are in the news again. They are considering if they will produce more oil because of increasing oil prices. Now we have become dependent on them again. We are being lied to and gas prices are linked to everything else. Yes we are being lied to.

Now as a follower of Jesus I do not fret because our Lord is ultimately in control. How close are we to the end of this age which will happen one day? I do not know. I just know we are getting closer and now as we understand from God’s Word that there will eventually be a one world government (hear more and more about this desire), a one world economic system (these economic calamities are moving us in that direction) and a one world religious system. All this, known for thousands of years would happen are being seriously spoken about more and more in our day. How much longer before Jesus comes? I do not know, but I do know this— He said, “Watch and pray.” Let us be about His business regardless of how this world lives. Let us be wise and let us be obedient. May if be Dear Father by the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Your Son Jesus! All because we love you and people.

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