Have you not heard that I determined it long ago? I planned from days of old what now I bring to pass… —Isaiah 37:26

            What our Lord has determined will come to pass.   Nothing and nobody can alter what He desires. He has plans that will be brought to pass! So, my brother and sister, His plans He has determined for you will come to pass today… THEY WILL COME TO PASS! We can trust Him fully for that.

            Let us understand what He is doing, run the race He has marked out for us, be filled with joy as we run that race and look forward to the time we will be with Him forever in heaven at the end of that race.   Yes, these things determined will come to pass— RUN.

            Today is a determined plan from long ago. We do not know what the day will bring, but He absolutely does. So let us walk with confidence through this day. May we have expectations of His purposes being revealed and worked out in and through our lives as well as the lives around us. Yes! Let us walk through this day with confidence! Let us praise His glorious Name today and forever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oz9yUjH7Y6E

Dear Father what comfort in knowing You know all things before they come to pass. I am grateful that You have a plan for today. These determinations for me of old will come to pass.   May I be faithful walking in them by the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Your Son Jesus. So be it!

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