Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together, against the LORD and against His Anointed One: “Let us break Their chains and cast away Their cords.” —Psalm 2:1-3

            Isn’t it interesting that people who do not want to believe that our Father sent His Son to save people from their sins not only don’t want to believe it, but are angry about it and plot against Him and those who love Him? Why is this? It is because they do not want to be accountable to Him. They want to break free of Him and do what they desire.

            Kings, rulers and people in general are united in standing against God and His ways. Just look at our world and you can see this clearly. I may not believe in what others think, but I am not going to kill them for our disagreement and I am not going to focus on them or go around persecuting them. They can make their own choices. I can share the gospel with them, but their responsible for their own choices.

            Not so with the majority of kings and rulers on this planet. Those who follow Jesus are persecuted all over this planet in various ways— mental and physically. People lose their jobs for following Jesus. People are ostracized from family and communities for following Jesus. People are marginalized for following Jesus. People are beaten for following Jesus. People are jailed for following Jesus and people are murdered for following Jesus. Why?   It is because those in authority do not want anything to do with Jesus. They are against Him and His people and they seek to eliminate what they see as a threat to their way of life. A way of life that is selfish and godless. This is true of all those who do not want to follow Jesus.

            But God is the Victor and “I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. You will break them with a rod of iron; you will dash them to pieces like pottery” (Psalm 2:8-9). Jesus is King over all! With that in mind “you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling. Kiss his son, or he will be angry and your way will lead to your destruction, for his wrath can flare up in a moment. Blessed are all who take refuge in him” (Psalm 2:10-12).

           So there is a warning to not only rulers, but to all people. We are to serve the Lord. We are to celebrate His rule. If people do not want the Lord to be Ruler over them He will be angry with them.   Their way will lead to their destruction. Unfortunately many people won’t yield to Jesus as King because they want to rule their own lives which will end up in the worst bondage ever— eternal Hell.

Dear Father may many, many more people seek to serve You, live for You in the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Jesus.   May I be faithful in getting the Good News about Jesus to people and then disciple them to follow You. May this be so.

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