Our days on earth are but a shadow. —Job 8:9

My days are swifter than a runner. —Job 9:25

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. —James 4:14

My neighbors are in their latter 80’s. They have lived next to us for about 25 years. Hard to believe they were in their 60’s when they first moved in or that I was in my latter 30’s. A few weeks ago the wife was moved to a nursing home. She’s doing well there. Now the husband is moving there this week. He will be leaving tomorrow. It will be their last move on this planet. Where did the time go. Life has taken a drastic turn for them.

It is also hard to believe that I am in my 60’s— my neighbor’s age when they move into the neighborhood. I now have seven grand-daughters. That is very hard for me to fathom as well. Really, am I already in the grand-father age? My children are having children! Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was a child?

Surely “our days on earth are but a shadow” — here for such a brief moment. Like a swift runner passing by so life passes quickly by or as the mist in the morning over a lake is soon gone… vanishes and is no more. So our lives will soon vanish from the earth and we will be no more here— as multitudes before us who were once here.

As I spoke to my neighbor yesterday about the hope we have in Jesus that eternity is ahead. No more broken bodies, no more health issues, no more pain, no more suffering, no more sadness, no more broken relationships… no more moving. Jesus is our life— our life eternal.

My neighbors will be a half-hour away. I will stop and see them still, but it will not be like walking next door, sitting at their table for a cup of coffee. No it will be different, but life is full of changes, of different things. I am so glad that the Lord does not change and that He is always near. I am so thankful to know that one day all those who know Him will make their final move to heaven. Oh, what a joy that will be. We will be in our eternal home with all those who love Jesus. That is our hope when our light has left this earth; when our candle has made its final flicker!

Dear Father, I am so grateful to know my home is in heaven and that I am just passing through as a stranger and foreigner on this planet. I look so forward to being with Jesus in heaven and with all those who love Him. May I serve You well in the waning years of my life and do so in the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Jesus.

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