I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. —John 10:28

I give— When somebody gives someone something it is a gift. They give it because they desire to give it and not that the receiver deserves it or has earned it. Jesus gives the greatest gift that could ever be given. Have you received it?

Jesus gives eternal life— This is unending life, a life that will never, ever end. As this gift unfolds it is filled with glory. Eternal life starts when a person calls on the name of the Lord Jesus and has the Son (John 3:16,18, 36; Romans 6:23; 10:13). Then it continues beyond the grave in Heaven with Jesus and all who love Him. All who have called on Jesus or will call on Jesus will be in that eternally joyous place. Rejoice in the gift of eternal life that Jesus has given you and all who love Him!

Receivers of eternal life will never perish— Jesus took the judgment for our sin and those who have called on His Name will never perish in Hell, that is, they will never experience the horrors of hell… never.

What a tremendous gift to all those who have called on His Name. Brother and sister, rejoice, we’ve got forever before us! Forever with Jesus and all who love Him! Forever in a place where there will be not more sorrow, sickness, pain, death, tears or any of the negative things we experience in this life because of sin. Heaven is our home and we are headed there! Yes, rejoice, trust Him now, live faithfully for Him now and one day we will all be in glory… forever!

Dear Father, thank You for the gift of eternal life through Jesus. Oh, may I truly be rejoicing with all who know You through Your Son and proclaim this in the power of Your Holy Spirit. May it be so!

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