So David reigned over all Israel and did what was just and right for all his people. —I Chronicles 18:14

To have a leader who is looking to be “just and right for all his people” is indeed a rarity. Most often the leader is looking out for their own interests and not that of the people.

An example of not caring is that is a dear brother who leads a ministry and has the opportunity to bring over 150 tons of food to Uganda to the needy refuges there. The government leaders want to charge 60% tax to do so. Here are people in their own country in desperate need of the basics and the leaders are more concerned about lining their own pockets with profits instead of help coming to those who they cannot or will not even help… despicable!

Praise God for leaders like King David who “did what was just and right for all his people.” It was what was right for “all” the people and not just favorites or special interest groups. Oh, to have a leader like that! But it is not just the top leadership. It is a blessing to have these type leaders at any level. But… these type leaders are a rarity!

May these leaders not be a rarity in the Church, the Body of Christ. Oh, that we would have leaders that are concerned for all the people, not just their favorite group… May it be so!

Dear Father, may I faithfully lead all those You have given me responsibility for and not have favorites. Oh, please help me to be the type of leader You desire in the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Jesus.

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