These older women must train the younger women. —Titus 2:4

In the same way, encourage the young men to live wisely. —Titus 2:6

How are we equipping the next generation? Are you older women training the younger women? Are we older men encouraging the younger men? How is this taking place in your own life? If you are a younger woman, is there an older woman that is training you in walking faithfully in the Lord Jesus? If you are an older woman are you training a younger woman? If you are a younger man is there an older man who is encouraging you in your walk with the Lord Jesus? If you are an older man are you encouraging younger man to live wisely? This is a clear teaching throughout God’s Word. May we be faithfully obedient.

So let me ask you and myself— where is taking place in our lives? Are we being obedient to what the Lord God Almighty has told us? Are we being faithful stewards with the responsibility He has given us? May we be so!

Dear Father, today may I seek Your wisdom as I seek to serve men for Your honor and glory and their benefit. Yes, please give me guidance in Your Son Jesus and by Your Holy Spirit.

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