I could have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth. III John 1:4

This verse is true of one’s own children and of those who the Lord drew through you— being there when they were born-again. It is a great joy to see them going on in their relationship with the Lord. For one’s own children to continue to follow the Lord Jesus after they leave home is wonderful. It is also true of those who the Lord drew to Himself through us to the point where they called on His Name. To see these “children” of one’s own immediate family or someone the Lord drew through us shining for the Lord Jesus in this dark world—it is true— they is no great joy!

On the other hand it is with a heavy heart when one of our own children or someone else is not following the Lord or has professed faith but there is no evidence that it was sincere. We so want them to know Him, shine for Him during this life and be with Him and us in glory.

Dear Father, thank You for those children who are following You. May You be please to draw our own children to You and many other people around us as well for Your honor and glory and the great joy it would bring to us. May this be so in Jesus Name and by the Holy Spirit’s power.

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