What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. —James 4:14

I look out my window and see the changing color of the leaves. It is a beautiful time of year with the various colors against a backdrop of deep blue sky. The air is crisp, but the sun is warm. Leaves are falling from the trees and the daylight hours are getting much shorter. Autumn is upon us again. Another year passing by— my 59th autumn. But, it seems just the other day I was playing in the dirt as a child…

The early morning lake mist disappears quickly once the sun comes up. It is a stark reminder of the above verse. Mist does not last very long and according to the verse above our lives are short as well. Ponder for a moment your own life. Isn’t it amazing that you are at this age already? Regardless of how old you are, soon life will be over. Now that is not a morbid thought, it is a reminder to live a life the Lord God has desired of us because, whether we believe it or not, we will soon be meeting Jesus face to face after death. We can either make the choice of living for Him now and meeting Him as Savior after death or we can live for our own desires and meet Him as judge after death. Meeting Him as Judge will not be a good thing. He is the perfect judge and His judgment will be final. If you have not, please trust Jesus as Lord and Savior before your mist of life is gone.

Dear Father, please help us consider the brevity of our lives and truly trust the Lord Jesus who loves us, died for our sins and rose from the grave that we too may have new life in Him. We have all broken Your law. We are have not put you first, but are idolaters, blasphemers, don’t keep one day a week for You, are parent dishonorers, murders, adulterers, liars, coveters… yes, we have broken Your Law and deserve judgment, but thank You, Jesus, that Your were willing to take my judgment that I could know You and serve You. May I do so with whatever life I have left. Yes, may I honor You.

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