The one who speaks on his own authority seeks his own glory… —John 7:18

Whose glory are those in government office seeking if they are not seeking the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ? Is the President seeking God’s glory or his own? How about the Vice- President, the Cabinet, the House of Representatives or Senate either on the national level or state level or any other government leader? Are they seeking to exalt King Jesus or their own “kingdom?”

According to the verse above, those who speak in their own authority are seeking their own glory. When a person operates unilaterally, then they are seeking their own glory. Those who say, “I have the authority to do such and such” then they are seeking their own glory, seeking to exalt themselves. Individuals who are concerned more with reputation than doing the right thing are looking for accolades for themselves.

This should never be the case for a follower of the Lord Jesus. When we speak or act in obedience to Him we are doing so in His authority, not our own. King Jesus is to be exalted and not ourselves. It is the Kingdom of God we are seeking, not our own little “kingdoms.”

Brother or sister, you are serving and speaking in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is He who has all authority in heaven and earth and it is He who has sent us into the world to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). When we are obedient in this we are going to honor Him, to exalt Him and not ourselves. May we be faithful in this.

Today, as you are going about life on this planet, do not forget that you are under the authority of Jesus our King. Be about the King’s business wherever you are going and whatever you are doing. He has given you everything you need to serve Him today according to His good pleasure. Be faithful today!

Dear Father, help me to be faithfully serving under the authority of Jesus today and every day. Oh, help me be sensitive to Your desire for me in who to speak with and with who to serve today for Your honor and glory.

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