“We will not neglect the house of our God.” —Nehemiah 10:39

When buildings are not being used it is very evident when the grounds are not kept up regularly, windows are broken and the wood has been in need of paint for some time. Lights are never seen it the building nor people going in or out. The purpose for which the building was built is not being fulfilled and the building stands neglected.

This was not to be the case for “the house of our God.” In the context of the verse above we see that the Israelites were committed to the ongoing function, upkeep, support and ministry of the temple. Today we do not worship at a centralized temple. The local church meets in a variety of locations whether in a school, a home, a store front, in the open air or in a “church” building. Wherever the local church meets that you are a part of, are you committed to the ongoing function, upkeep, support and ministry?

There are many people that show up on Sunday morning, give an offering (statistically it is shown most people do not tithe which is really the minimum starting place to give back to the Lord) and then live their life until the next Sunday. Following the Lord Jesus is more than gathering on Sunday morning and more that giving tithes and offerings. Following Jesus should be a 24-7 lifestyle. Do I seek to meet with Jesus daily? Am I talking with him regularly? How do I apply what He says to my life? When do I meet with other believers? Is it just on Sunday or do I seek to meet with them for study of His Word and fellowship or ministry outside of Sunday morning? Do I share the good news of the gospel with others?

Dear Father, please help me not to neglect the ministry of the local church nor my time with You. Oh, that I would truly be a committed follower of You, honoring You in the authority of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit’s power. May it be so!

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