My people have been lost sheep. Their shepherds have led them astray… —Jeremiah 50:6

Unfortunately they were not reading the compass correctly and were leading the whole group in the wrong direction. Fortunately they caught their mistake and headed in the right direction to find the next point in the compass course. They found the next point and finished the course, but they lost time with their error.

In Jeremiah’s day the shepherds were leading God’s people astray and the people were like lost sheep. Some things do not change. In our day, in America, there are shepherds that are leading people astray. They call themselves “spiritual leaders” but they are not leading people toward God and His ways. Instead, they are leading people astray. These shepherds do not go by God’s Word and speak contrary to God’s Word. They support and encourage wickedness among the people, teaching things that God hates and they teach saying, “It is the loving thing to do.”

It is said that bank tellers and others who handle money study the real currency so they can easily detect counterfeits. Oh, that we would know God and His Word so we can detect those who are seeking to lead people astray and warn others of them. Beware of spiritual counterfeiters! Read God’s Word for yourself and then you can identify those shepherds that seek to lead others astray. If you are not regularly listening to God through His Word, then you are in danger of being led astray!

Dear Father, please help me to stick to what You have to say and to be sensitive to those who would seek to lead me and others astray. May this be so in the authority of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit’s power.

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