Yours is the day, yours also the night; you have established the heavenly lights and the sun. You have fixed all the boundaries of the earth; you have made summer and winter. —Psalm 74:16-17

Give me evidence that car was created. Give me evidence that house was created. Give me evidence that boat, train, chair, brick, computer, glass, phone, copier, clock was created and had a creator. Give me evidence or I will not believe it had a creator. No, these things just evolved all by themselves and came into being.

Yet so many say that trees in their variety, flowers in great assortments , birds of numerous array, animals of all sorts and fish of all kinds came into being all by themselves through time and change and that there is no evidence for design or a designer. To say there was no design or designer about objects that man has made and sincerely believe it would be cause to put a person in a straight jacket. But, to say there is design and a Designer for every living creature, the sun, moon, planets, stars, all we see and don’t see would sound so ludicrous to multitudes.

We see what man can design and create and it is amazing. Yet so many miss the simple truth that man’s creative ability comes by design as well and that it was the Designer who gave it. Yet, it is the Lord God Almighty who rules over the day and the night, placed every planet in star in their positions and created all life. He made the seasons and created the boundaries of the earth. He even designed the time and place that each of us would live (Act 17:26).

Listen if God did not exist then who decides what is good and evil, right and wrong? If God was not the overall determiner of things, then that would make me a free agent to do whatever I wanted to do. Even those who do not believe in God should be thankful that this is not the case, because if He truly did not exist then this planet would be in utter chaos. What do I mean? Everybody would be doing what was right in their own eyes. They would be doing what they felt like doing. Why? Who needs to follow laws, because if it was only man who made laws then what man is better me and why do I have to follow someone else’s laws? Someone would say that man made the law to be civilized. If God does not exist, why do I have to be civilized, for what purpose? No, people should be thankful because if God did not exist then there would not be a restraint on what people would do.

Some people ask, “If God did exist why is there so much evil in the world?” But that is the wrong question. Ask this one instead. “If God did not exist how much evil would be in the world?” If God did not exist then it surely would be “survival of the fittest.”

Just take a look at the United States. Freedom exists when fair and just laws are enforced. But when the laws are not enforced freedom is in danger and wickedness increases as lawlessness abounds.

There is a Designer and whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not, we will pass through His “quality control.” Only those who have trusted the Lord Jesus Christ will pass that test. May you pass that test. If not, trust Jesus today!

Dear Father, I am grateful to know that all things came into being by Your hand and that man’s ability to create is because he was created after Your image and has that quality. Oh, that many would see Your design in everything around them and not be blind to it.

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