(They) will know whose word will stand—mine or theirs. —Jeremiah 44:28

I don’t believe what the Bible says! There is no heaven or hell and when we die that is it. There is no existence after this body dies. Jesus did not die for man’s sin and there is not judgment of man after death. There is no such thing as sin. Some man made all this up and made up the Bible as well.

Are you really that sure? Are you going to put your eternal destiny on the line with those statements? Be very sure that one day you will know, but if you adhere to the ideas above, it will be too late to change your mind once death arrives. That is something you can believe in— you will die one day!

Have you read God’s Word, studied God’s Word and not just listen to what somebody negatively says about it? Do you just repeat negative statements that others have made about the Bible or have you truly, honestly and sincerely studied God’s Word and still came to the opening conclusions? I would suggest that anyone who truly wants to know the Truth and reads and studies the Bible for themselves will conclude that this is indeed God’s Word. But, there are many who will not take up that challenge because they want to live according to their own word and not according to God’s Word.

Be sure of this, you will know whose words will stand— God’s Word or your word. Do you really want to risk your eternal destiny with that challenge? I truly hope you do not wait until you die to find out. Oh, that you would come to the conclusion that Jesus is Who God’s Word says He is and that you would truly trust Him as Lord and Savior. May it be so!

Dear Father, thank You that Your Word is fully true and that every Word will come to pass. I am grateful to know I can trust Your Word fully. Oh, dear Father, may many others come to that conclusion as well and trust the Lord Jesus.

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