They will be the head, but you will be the tail. —Deuteronomy 28:44

There were consequences for Israel if they did not follow the Lord, but these principles could impact any nation that does not want to follow Him.  Our Lord is ultimately in control as seen in Deuteronomy chapter 28:15-63 and there can be consequences for disobedience such as—

  • Food availability will be impacted
  • Children in the womb will be impacted
  • There will be confusion
  • There will be rebuke— showing were error is
  • Could come to sudden ruin
  • Disease could increase
  • Weather could be impacted
  • Military defeat could occur
  • Success will fade away
  • Crops will not produce
  • Animals will be affected
  • Children will be affected
  • Other nations will have power over us
  • Idolatry will be rampant
  • Will be ridiculed by other nations
  • Foreigners among us will take control
  • There will be hunger and thirst
  • There will be poverty on a great scale
  • Will serve other nations
  • Will be the tail and not the head

Sounds like what is happening in the U.S., doesn’t it?  Oh, that the church would be the church and be about His business and have a positive influence in our nation.  Yes, Dear Father, may this be so by the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Your Son Jesus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctc3GqWaV3U

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