Then they will begin to say to the mountains, ‘Fall on us,’and to the hills, ‘Cover us.’ —Luke 23:30

Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can withstand it?”—Revelation 6:15-16

            We may look around at what is happening in this year of 2022 and think there are terrible things happening, and they are, but what is happening now will pale to what will happen world-wide in the future.  God’s long-suffering toward this world will end and He will bring in the final act.  They will be not more delay.

            God’s wrath will be poured out on this world.  For those who think that God is not a God of judgment, then you would have to say that God is not a God of justice as well.  It is only the wicked that would allow murderers free to murder again and again.  It is only the wicked that would willingly allow lawlessness to go on and on.  Oh yes, one day our Lord God Almighty will bring justice on those who are lawless.  Only the wicked desire wickedness to continue.  God will put and end to wickedness once and forever!

            When this Day of our Lord comes people will want to hide from Him.  They will plainly know this is the Lamb that was slain.  And yet there are those who still do not want to bow the knee to Him— “Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts” (Revelation 9:21).  It is amazing that they will continue in their lawlessness.

            That same spirit of anti-Christ is with us today.  There are those who are simply against Jesus and want nothing to do with Him.  Sad as that is, that is their choice.  But, praise our Lord, there are those who want to know Him and live for Him.  May we encourage those who have this desire to follow our Lord. 

            One day all who love Jesus will be together with Him in Heaven.  Our race will be finished (Hebrews 12:1-2) and we will see Jesus!  We will be with Him forever along with all those who love Him.  Keep running… we are almost home!  And then we will finally be home!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRSGXKsv7IU  Keep running with eyes fixed on Jesus!

Dear Father I am so grateful to know that You are ultimately in control and that Your plans and purposes are being carried out.  I so look forward to being with Jesus and all who love Him forever— to be finally home forever.  Until then may I live faithfully for You by the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Your Son Jesus.  Yes, may it be so!

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