And he departed with no one’s regret. —II Chronicles 21:20 

 This was said of Jehoram who was the king of Judah. “He did evil in the eyes of the Lord” (II Chronicles 21:6).   It is amazing how in just one generation a king goes bad. Jehoram married a daughter of king Ahab of Israel. That was a wicked household itself and really says speaks loudly about Jehoram’s character. His dad, Jehoshaphat was a good king of Judah and yet his son lived for evil. He killed all his brothers and some of the officials who served with his father! He was a wicked man!

This king was so wicked that when he died is was with “no one’s regret.” Nobody was sorry that he died; no one mourned for him; no one was unhappy about his death or expressed remorse at his death or grieved for him. Jehoram lived such a wicked life that his death was one of relief. This speaks volumes of how he had treated people and how he had ruled over people. How different the people reacted over the death of David and Solomon. They were greatly grieved by their deaths and they would miss them. Great leaders are mourned. Wicked leaders are not. People who love the Lord and live for Him are grieved for after their deaths. Wicked people… not so much.

How are you and I living? Are we living for the Lord to the extent where people will mourn and grieve for us because of who we are in Him? When we die will they miss us being among them? Will they feel the loss of our testimony for the Lord while we lived and the loving concern we had for them and other people? Oh, that we would not live in such a way as no one will regret our death; that no one would miss us. No, let us live godly lives to encourage others while we are here and may that testimony follow us and be impactful even after we are gone.

You and I know godly followers of Jesus who have gone to be with Him. Praise God that they are with Him and their race is over (Hebrews 12:1-2). But we do miss them now. We miss their presence and we miss their loving service. We thank God for them “keeping their eyes fixed on Jesus” as they ran their race up to their last breath and then crossed the finish line into glory. May we be like that. Yes, dear Father, may I live in such a way that my presence will be missed when I are gone because of my evident love for Jesus, His people and for being a servant of Yours. May this be so by the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Jesus.   May it be so!

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