The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the LORD has made them both. —Proverbs 20:12

             Listen… the birds are singing this morning. What a joy to hear them! I always love listening to them. I have never heard a sad song from the birds that live in my area. Oh, I hear a raspy crow from time to time, but all the other birds have happy tunes. Often, when I step outside and hear a Cardinal chirping, I will whistle back its song. It is funny as we go back and forth and it brings joy to enter into its song. I hear a Cardinal right this moment singing away.   Let us thank God for the ability to hear. The birds are singing and may we enter into their songs!

            I look out my window right now and see all the trees that surround me. I see the sun starting to shine upon them this morning and the blue sky through the patchwork of leaves. Oh to be able to see, what a marvel.  

Yesterday Elaine and I were at the ocean. What a joy to both hear and see the waves rolling, roaring and breaking on the shore. It is a marvel that our God has enables us to see and hear all those things He has created for our joy… birds, trees, sky, ocean, each other… Yes, God is good and all He has created is good. Let us be thankful.

Today, thank Him for being able to hear and see. Thank Him for all that He has created for us to hear and see for our enjoyment. Yes, let us be grateful for hearing and sight. They are gifts from Him. Don’t take them for granted!

Dear Father I am grateful for life, for hearing, for seeing and for so much more. Without You I would not understand how all this happened. You are Creator and Sustainer and I am so thankful for Your loving care. May I have a heart filled with joy through Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Jesus.   So be it!

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