And Job again took up his discourse, and said: “Oh, that I were as in the months of old…” —Job 29:1-2

            How we long for the “good old days” when today is not going well, especially when calamity is upon us. This is how Job was feeling with all that has happened to Him. Oh, the days when—

  • God’s favor was upon Him
  • He walked in the light of God
  • He was in was in his prime
  • He knew the friendship of God
  • He had God’s presence with him
  • His children were still with him
  • He was not in material want
  • He went out to the gate of the city
  • He prepared his seat in the square
  • He was respected by young and old
  • He was honored among princes and nobles
  • He was blessed by those he spoke with
  • He was blessed by those who saw his life
  • He helped the poor
  • He helped the fatherless

Now he was sitting in deep sorrow and grief with “friends” who were far from empathizing with him. In his great loss and mourning he received not encouragement from those who spoke with him. Instead of comfort these friends sought to “straighten him out” and enlighten him to his faults and the reasons all this happened to him.

Where is Job’s wife, the one who was to be by his side until death did them part? The last she spoke she encouraged Job to “Curse God and die!” after she asked him, “Are you still maintaining your integrity?” (Job 2:9). She actually told him to do what Satan said to God Job would do if God allowed great misfortune in Job’s life. How alone Job must have felt through all these trials. How he longed for the “good old days!”

            Ever have those feelings? Ever think like that? Have you ever longed for the “good old days?” God was at work in Job’s life through it all. He did not understand this. God is working through your difficulty and mine as well. We do not understand so much of why it is happening, but we know we can trust Him. So let us trust Him even in the most trying of times. Yes, Dear Father may we trust You when our world falls apart. May this be so in the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Jesus Your Son. So be it!

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