Blessed be the name of the LORD from this time forth and forevermore! —Psalm 113:2

            Let us kneel down and praise the Name of the Lord our God. Bless His Name. He blesses us continually with His favor. In return let us be worshipping Him in praise. So what is it this morning that you are praising Him for?

  • Praise Him for life
  • Praise Him for the finished work of Jesus at the cross
  • Praise Him for His Holy Spirit He has given us
  • Praise Him for His Church which is the family of God
  • Praise Him for relationships
  • Praise Him for our daily bread
  • Praise Him for the creativity He gives
  • Praise Him for the spiritual gifts He gives
  • Praise Him for family
  • Praise Him for friends
  • Praise Him for where He has placed us to live
  • Praise Him for the birds and all that He has created
  • Praise Him for the vast array of abilities He has given people
  • Praise Him for His ever presence
  • Praise Him for being able to talk with Him at any time.
  • Praise Him for allowing us to know Him
  • Praise Him for the race He has marked out for us
  • Praise Him for running that race with us
  • Praise Him for the hope of Heaven
  • Praise Him for the day we will be with Him in Heaven
  • Praise Him for the day everything will be made new and perfect
  • Praise Him for the ability to serve Him
  • Praise Him for the joy of serving others

There is so much to praise Him for. What comes to the forefront of your mind to praise Him for?   Do so! Let us bow down and bless His Holy Name today and for the rest of our lives and forever!

Dear Father thank You for being loving, compassionate, patient and always having our best interests in mind. Oh, that we would praise You more. May this be so in the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Your Son. May it be so!

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