Be very careful, therefore, to love the LORD your God. —Joshua 23:11

            We are not to get lacks in loving the Lord.  If we do then someone or something is going to be loved more than He and that is idolatry, spiritual harlotry.  So we are to be careful to love Him.

            What does that look like?  Well, if a child is going to truly love their parent then that child is going to look to please that parent.  To please that parent would be to listen to that parent and do what that parent says.  It would be wanting to be with that parent, to spend time with that parent.  It would be wanting to really get to know that parent, what that parent desires and what really does please that parent.

            Do I really seek to please the Lord?  Am I truly seeking to please Him?  Am I listening to Him?  Am I doing what He desires?  Do I really desire to be with Him, to spend time with Him?  Do I truly desire to know Him better?  Am I truly wanting to know what He desires?  Do I really want to please Him in my thoughts, in my words, in my actions— in the life He has given me?  Is my life honoring to Him?  Is it a life of worship?  Do I truly love Him?  May it be so for the rest of my life!

Dear Father, I do love You and all that You are.  I am so grateful for Jesus and may I lovingly live for Him the rest of my life in the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Jesus.

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