When I called, you answered me; you greatly emboldened me. —Psalm 138:3

Need boldness? Do you really want it? Then call on the Lord and trust Him to give it to you! Personally I have seen this over and over. I ask the Lord for boldness to serve Him in ways that I plainly would not do in my own strength. In my own strength I would not even attempt to do many things that He has given me the boldness to do.

Let me give you an example of what happened last evening. Six of us went to the University of New Hampshire with the express purpose of sharing the gospel. We paired off and planned to speak with people for about an hour… it would be dark by then. We went different ways and the group had all kinds of opportunity to share the gospel.

Matt and I teamed up. We have been out sharing the gospel a few times together and have gotten to know how to serve together in sharing the gospel. Well, we approached guys walking alone or in pairs and shared the gospel with them… planting or watering… Then at one point there was a mixed group of people playing games or sitting on the grass watching or talking.

I said to Matt, “O.K.” and he responded, “Oh boy…” We walked up the sidewalk and stopped near the group. We had prayed for the Lord’s help and He gave it. I addressed the group and said, “You guys want to do something a little different?” I had their attention. This is something I would never do on my own and the Lord definitely gave the boldness to say this.

There were around 17 university students in this group and we had the opportunity to speak with them for about ½ hour. Many of them took New Testaments. The Lord God Almighty gave us a great opportunity to share the gospel with these students to plant or water. Without Him giving us this boldness we would not have done this and shared the gospel with this group. May He bring about an increase in their lives to the point of harvest and then may they become faithful followers of Jesus. May it be so!

Need boldness? Ask the Lord for it and then act, trusting Him to give it to you. He will!

Dear Father, I am grateful for the boldness You give through Your Holy Spirit. May I call on You always for boldness to do Your will. Thank You that Jesus has given us His authority to go forward in sharing Your gospel. He told us He would be with us until the end of the age and I trust Him for that.

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