May you live to see your children’s children…— Psalm 128:6

What a joy it is to see your own children’s children! I saw most of my children being born. My oldest son was a c-section which I was not allowed to go in to watch… that was too bad! It is such a joy to see your child born into this world. It is quite another joy to see your own children’s children. Yes, it is a marvel. These super six grand-girls will someday have children of their own. What a super blessing it would be to see their children— my children’s children’s children. Hmmm… I would surely be getting along in years by then.

Father, thank You for the blessing of each of my children and now their wives— Jeremy & Bonnie, Rebecca & Jonathan, Hannah & Joe, Ben and Ashley— and for grand.-girls Abigail, Jordyn, Maria, Caroline and the twins— Josie and Julia. Yes, thank You for blessing me and may each one of them be blessed by You and be a blessing to others. May they all live for You in the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Jesus. May it be so!

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