But Jesus replied, “We must go on to other towns as well, and I will preach to them, too. That is why I came.” —Mark 1:38

Jesus came to bear witness to the truth (John 18:37) and He wanted to share that truth with many while He was on the Earth. That is why He went from town to town. He wanted people to hear His Word. It is His Word that people need to hear today as well!

If Jesus went from town to town to share His Truth with others… am I? Am I concerned with people in other towns and not just my own? Truly, am I even concerned about people in my own town? How am I seeking to share His Word with those around me? Do I have a plan and purpose for sharing His Word? Am I willing to travel elsewhere for the specific reason to share His Word with others? Am I just focused on those in my immediate sphere of influence or am I seeking to share His Word outside my immediate area of influence? Am I being purposeful in this or is it just by “happenstance” that I might share His Word with someone? When is the last time I was intentional in this area?

Will I be sensitive to those around me today? May I not miss those around me who are ready to hear! Jesus specifically went to other towns to share His Word with people. Will I go to people in my own town? In other towns? May it be so.

Dear Father, please help me to be intentional in sharing Your Word with others. May it be so today in the authority of Jesus and by the power of Your Holy Spirit.

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