“Warn the surrounding nations and announce this to Jerusalem: The enemy is coming from a distant land, raising a battle cry against the towns of Judah. They surround Jerusalem like watchmen around a field, for my people have rebelled against me,” says the Lord. “Your own actions have brought this upon you. This punishment is bitter, piercing you to the heart!” —Jeremiah 4:16-18

Ungodly actions have consequences. People can live in a fantasy land where they think their wickedness is not being noticed, but it is fully understood by the Lord God Almighty. The actions of a wicked people will cross His line one day and He will act. Unlike men who draw lines in the sand that are crossed and no action is taken— He will take action! When He does there will be no escape.

Let there be no mistake. Judah would be punished by the Lord for its rebellion against Him as mentioned in the context above. But all people who rebel against the Lord will face punishment one day if they do not repent and turn to Him. This is not just a temporal physical judgment I am talking about though. No, it is an eternal punishment away from the Lord forever “into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his demons” (Matthew 25:41). We are told that the wicked “will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life” (Matthew 25:46). There is no way a person will be able to escape that coming judgment if they do not turn to the Lord. We must warn them and share the good news of Jesus with them. May we do so.

Dear Father, please help me to be about Your business until Jesus comes or until death ushers me in to His presence. Oh, that I would think, speak and act according to Your desires, not fearing man, but seeking to serve You above all. May it be so in the power and authority of Jesus!

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