If a ruler pays attention to liars, all his advisers will be wicked. —Proverbs 29:12

A lie to cover up a lie to cover up a lie to cover up a lie… What can we expect from ungodly leaders? Do we truly think they are going to act like those who truly follow Jesus? Should we expect them to? Have we lost focus as to why we are still here on the earth as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ? Our main priority is to lovingly worship God and to love people as we seek to make disciples in all the world. Let us not lose our focus on that.

The majority of government leaders are not believers and so there is going to be corruption. Praise the Lord God Almighty for those of His followers that He directs into the area of the world called government, but they should not lose focus on the main priorities as to why they are there serving. Whether serving the Lord in any part of the world, including government, we are to be focused on God’s priorities and not the world’s.

It is sad when a ruler listens to liars. This has a corrupting affect on his counselors who will be wicked. Yes, a ruler of a people has great impact on those who are immediately under his authority who will in turn have impact on others under them and so forth down the chain to the common folks who will bear the brunt of the leader’s wickedness. This is easily seen around the world.

Let us keep our eyes on the eternal which is not seen and not on the temporal which is seen. Let us also be about King Jesus’ business in being witnesses, shining in this dark word and disciple-makers, encouraging people to sincerely follow our King faithfully. May it be so! In the end the Lord God Almighty will set things straight. Yes, He will. Then we will be with Him forever in Heaven with all who love Him!

Dear Father, whatever government circumstance I find myself in, may I be faithful to what You have called me to. May it be so in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the authority of my King Jesus!

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