This disaster came upon the people of Israel because they worshiped other gods. —II Kings 17:7

So disaster will come upon any nation that worships other gods and not the Lord God Almighty. It can come in many forms, but it will come. How can a nation offer its children on the satanic altar of abortion and think it will escape God’s judgment? Our nation worships the gods of sexual promiscuity and sexual perversions of all sorts. It worships at the feet of godless education and family redefinition. This nation flames the god of violence among the youth while it also bows the knee to the engulfing god of debt. All the while the god of corrupt government seeks to suck as much life out of its people as it can. This all happens while the god of blindness keeps people from understanding what is happening. These are all indicators of a cultures end. Check this article out that comes from but the Clinton Memorial Library!

Israel was conqueror by Assyria in about 722 BC. The northern 10 tribes had their own gods they wanted to follow and this lead to their downfall. This will lead the downfall of the United States as well unless it repents and turns to God. It will only be a matter of time, but all the indicators of a nation’s demise are present.

Our national morals crumble as we follow our sensuous ways. The nation’s borders have crumbled, becoming a porous avenue for enemies to enter. Our government is crumbling from its own utter corruptness. Our military is crumbling from submission to social engineering. Our economic structure is a crumbled disaster being artificially held up. Our nation’s productivity has crumbled from government’s handouts.

A song for our nation–

Dear Father, as a nation we are doomed without You. We need You. Please intervene to impact many people in this nation and in the world. Thy will be done in Jesus Name…

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