There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved. —Acts 4:12

We are traveling today to visit our daughter, son-in-law and their girls. It is about a seven hour trip and we are so looking forward to seeing them. Little 9 months old Jordyn is back home after heart surgery. We are grateful the Lord brought her through such a traumatic surgery. There are 3 ways or routes that we can take to get to their NY home from NH and they are all about the same distance and time. We just need to decide which way we are going. Each way will bring us there.

That is not the case to get to heaven. Not all ways get there, nor are there 3 ways to get there. There is only one way to be saved from sin, only one way to have a relationship with God, only one way to heaven. That way is Jesus and Jesus only!

It took Someone to deal with the eternal sin issue. One sin not “under the blood of Christ” would be enough to keep a person from having a relationship with God and keep them out of heaven just as much as 100,000,000 sins would. Jesus took care of that problem on the cross as the eternal Son of God! He was our Substitute taking the penalty and punishment for our sin so we could be saved from sin, have a relationship with God through Him and go to heaven.

No other world religion has anything like this. Islam does not— it is a works system. Buddhism and Hinduism do not and they are works systems as well. As a matter of fact, all religious systems where man has to do something to be saved or reach some level of higher existence are false systems– even those under the umbrella of Christendom.

When we truly have a good understanding of Who Jesus is and What He has done, then we can understand better the mercy and grace of God and the great work that was accomplished on the cross. All this because of His great love for us! Rejoice!

Dear Father, I know there was nothing good in me, but it was all Your doing that saved me from my sin and keeps me saved from my sin. I am grateful to know I am secure in Your hands. May I live a faithful life, seeking to do those things that are pleasing in your sight. May it be so!

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