For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost. —Luke 19:10

Have you ever lost something and you looked and looked and searched and searched for it until you found it? It could have been your wallet, cell phone, keys… something that you really valued. Remember how you felt when you found it? You rejoiced! Well, this is what happens when one person repents and calls on the Name of the Lord Jesus. There is rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents!

I am part of a special evangelistic event that is taking place at the State Prison this week. Last night 15-20 men responded to the gospel stating they desired to repent and follow Jesus. This is exciting because these men are guys that do not come out to the chapel. They were invited by believers who do. Please pray for these guys as they are encouraged in discipleship. I already go in to the prison to meet with men personally and in group settings, but there will be a need now to go to the prison more often for discipleship of these new believers and we expect more to trust the Lord Jesus this week! I would appreciate prayer for wisdom in serving these new believers.

This is where the focus of the church needs to be: 1- Seeking the lost and 2- Discipling those who repent and desire to follow Jesus. So many times, too many times the church is distracted from these main responsibilities the Lord has given the church. It is amazing what the church can get busy doing other things and these two main responsibilities are not even part of it!

Are you and I seeking the lost to share the wonderful gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ? Are we involved with discipleship? If so, that is wonderful because that is what the Lord has called us to. If not, why not?

Dear Father, please help us to keep the main things that we have been delegated to by our Lord Jesus in focus. May we not to get caught up in other things that distract us from these main things. Oh, may it be so!

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