But they all began making excuses. —Luke 14:18

Ever have an invitation to some event or to somebody’s home and you made an excuse so you did not have to go? Maybe it was because you had something “better” to do or that you already had “plans.” It could have been because you just did not want to go.

What is your excuse or what are people’s excuses for not coming to Jesus when they are invited? Here are a few I know of: I just don’t believe that stuff (As if there is not enough evidence). That’s good for you, but not for me (As if they are somebody different). I don’t want to hear it (Because they know they are in need). You can’t trust the Bible (As if they have studied the Bible thoroughly to be an expert). I’m an atheist (As if they could know everything that could be known everywhere).

In the context of the verse above the excuses for not responding to an invitation were land investment, livestock investment and marriage. But people will come up with all kinds of excuses for not accepting the invitation to trust the Lord Jesus Christ. As someone has said, “There are plenty of excuses, but not good reasons.”

Dear Father, I had no excuse for not trusting Jesus except that I wanted to do what I wanted to do. I am grateful You showed me the fallacy of that faulty thinking and drew me to You Son.

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