…they were immediately overcome with amazement. —Mark 5:42

Have you ever been overcome with amazement? Maybe it was the wonder of flowers that you were marveling at or the beauty of a sunset or sunrise. Possibly it was when you were standing on a mountaintop and an awesome sensation of awe rushed over you. Or it could have been as you watched your children being born into this world with indescribable joy. What is it that has amazed you?

In the context of the verse above these two parents along with three of Jesus’ disciples were “overcome with amazement.” They had just watch Jesus raise their 12 year old daughter from the dead. Can you imagine the enormous and joyous gratitude of the parents or the overwhelming astonishment of the disciples? Who can say to young dead girl “Little girl, get up!” and she immediately not only got up, but she was walking around. Then Jesus told the parents to give her something to eat. The joy of knowing Jesus!

So how have you seen the amazing hand of Jesus at work? I find it truly marvelous how one person is open to hear about Jesus and another could care less or even mocks or reacts in a mean way. But I sincerely love to see it when a person is truly beginning to understand who Jesus is and wants to know more. That is wonderful!

Today, how will you be amazed by His hand? Right now I love the silhouetted trees against the back drop of a pre-sunrise sky. It reminds me of ink sketches that I have seen people do. The beauty of God’s creation is awesome. Artists seek to capture it, but there is nothing like seeing His creation in person. Oh, that you would be in amazement because of God’s hand working in your life today!

Dear Father, You are wonderful “beyond description, too marvelous for words!” Thank You for being able to see Your hand all around me at work. May I be aware of how You are working as I walk through today with You in the authority of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit’s power. May it be so!

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