…your sins are forgiven. —Mark 2:5

Unforgiveness keeps wrongs raw in a relationship. The relationship is superficial at best and at its worst, non-existent. People may still acknowledge others they are in a fall out with or they may ignore them completely. It is sad how neighbors who had been friends for years now hardly talk to each other and when they do it is just superficial because of dome disagreement. What makes this even more grievous is when they profess to follow Jesus.

Some relationships will never experience healing because neither person is willing to move to rectify or remedy the breach. They do not see the other person as important enough to do anything about the relationship. It is so sad how often this happens with those who claim the Name of Jesus.

Fortunately for us that the Lord God Almighty is the One who moved on our behalf to resolve the breach mankind caused with Him. He loved man so much that He gave His only Son so that anyone who believes what Jesus did at the cross for them can have eternal life and not be cast into hell (John 3:16-18). But, not all men will receive the forgiveness of sin that God offers through Jesus. They do not care about Him enough to accept the remedy to repair the breach in the relationship. They do not want anything to do with Him. They may even say they believe, but the evidence that their relationship with Him has been resolved is non-existent. Oh, may we be in right relationship with the Lord God Almighty through His Son, Jesus. May we also seek to be in right relationship with others.

Dear Father, I am grateful for Your lovingkindness toward us and for the forgiveness that is found in Jesus. Oh, may I live faithfully for You out of the gratitude of my heart.

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