I feel sorry for these people… they have nothing left to eat. —Matthew 15:32
Compassion—- When was the last time you had compassion for someone? Do you feel compassion for those who are hungry? For those who are thirsty? For those who are homeless? For those who need clothing? For those who are sick? For those who are in prison? For those who are facing injustice? For those who are oppressed? Do you have compassion on them?

Jesus did when people had been with Him for a few days, but they had nothing to eat. He was concerned for them. He had compassion on them and He was moved to do something about it. He asked the disciples how many loaves of bread they had. “Seven,” they replied, “and a few small fish.”

Jesus told the people to sit on the ground and He took the available food, gave thanks, broke them, gave them to His disciples to give to the people and everyone ate until they were satisfied. After everyone had eaten the disciples collected seven basketfuls of pieces that were left over. Jesus had feed 4,000 men plus women and children. Because He had compassion for the hungry He did something about it to help alleviate the problem.

Who are you having compassion on at this moment? Will you do something that will help with the situation? That is what true compassion does. True compassion does not just see a problem and walk away from it. True compassion seeks to help. May we do so!

Dear Father, may I be compassionate in practical ways in the authority of Jesus and for the encouragement of others. May this be so!

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