And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. —Acts 2:42

Some areas where people may be devoted to are their spouse, family, work, other relationships, a sport and there are so many other possibilities. You can tell what a person is devoted to because that is where they spend their time, talent and treasure.

As followers of Jesus are we devoted to hearing, learning and applying His Word? Are you able to disciple a person who has just come to the Lord by relaying to them what the Lord has taught you through the experiencing of His Word? Do you know what it means to disciple someone else? We are told in the verses above that the early believers “devoted themselves.” They had a real desire to be loyal, constant and committed— first to the Word of God, the apostles’ teaching.

Next they were devoted to “the fellowship.” They came together regularly. We are told in Acts 5:12 that they all met in Solomon’s Colonnade. They were committed to “the fellowship” of believers. Are you and I devoted to “the fellowship” we are part of, those believers we meet with, or is it not a top priority? Do we find ourselves involved in many other things instead of gathering with others who love the Lord Jesus? Do we see fellowship with other believers as just another option in life, but not high on our list?

Years ago I heard a pastor speak on “Fun Day.” The point that he was making was that those who claim the name of Jesus many times much rather go boating, to the beach or be involve with some other activity they see as fun instead of gathering with other believers on Sunday to worship King Jesus. They were not devoted to “the fellowship.” Well, the example we see in the early church was that this was top a priority for them and should be for us as well.

Then we read they were also devoted “the breaking of bread.” They would eat meals together and also practice the Lord’s Table as part of it. We can see how these early believers were committed to being together. How committed are you and I to gather with other believers? Do we gather on Sundays? In small groups? With individuals? Or are we a “worship in the woods by myself” believer that the Lord never intended? May we be devoted to each other!

These early believers were also devoted to prayer, devoted to talking with God. They would gather for group prayer, but they would also spend time talking with the Lord as individuals. Do you and I? A few days ago a group of us gathered to pray for our wayward children. It was a wonderful time together as we sought the Lord to impact those children of ours who have heard the message again and again, but still have not responded. We trust that the Lord will draw them to Himself.

In Acts 2:47 we read that “the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.” Apparently the gospel was evident at their group meetings and shared as they were living life. Do you and I have the commitment to share the gospel? It is said today that only 2% of believers regularly share the gospel. That is not commitment. That does not appear to be concern. That does appear to be disobedience. Oh, that we would be devoted in these areas for the glory of God and the benefit of the church and the lost!

Dear Father may it be so in the authority of Jesus!

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