Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. —John 14:21

Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. —John 14:23

“Yes, dad” the child said when asked to clean his room and off he went to do so. “Yes, mom” her daughter said when asked to do the dishes and off she went to do what was asked of her.
When asked to do something by a parent, by a teacher, by an employer and the answer is yes shows at least respect. A blatant “no” would surely bring conflict between the one requesting something to be done and the one being asked to do something. It would also clearly reveal something is not right with the relationship.

For those of us who have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, when He asks us to do something and we obey, it shows our love for Him. Those who are not obedient to Him are showing that they really do not love Him.

So, do you love Him? What is He asking of you? Will you obey? Your decision to obey or disobey reveals your love or lack of love for the Lord Jesus Christ. May we be obedient to His desires, showing we truly love Him!

Dear Father, Oh, please help me to obey Jesus because I love Him. May it be so!

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