The workers labored faithfully. —II Chronicles 34:12

When the boss was around they did their work as they were supposed to, but when the boss was not around they slacked and fooled around. They did not faithfully do their work when he was not directly overseeing them. They were slackers!

What about us? Are we faithful in the work the Lord has given to us? Whether we are in school at any level or in the workplace, at home or among His people, the church, are we faithfully laboring for the Lord Jesus?

The context of the verse above is when King Josiah sent workers to repair and restore the temple. These workmen “labored faithfully.” Here is a picture of faithful service. These men were not doing just enough to get by, but were diligent in their labor.

What work does the Lord have you involved in today? Will you labor faithfully? May it be so!

Dear Father, help me to work diligently in my service to You and not live or labor half-heartedly. Oh, that I would truly honor You by being a faithful worker in Jesus and by the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

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