“Be still, and know that I am God… —Psalm 46:10

            Can you be still?  Can you relax?  Or, do you always have to be moving and active tense?  Can we know someone, build relationships if we are always on the move?  Think of the relationships that you have.  Isn’t it great just to sit with someone and talk?  Or, even at times, just to sit with someone and be in their presence?

            Years ago, when I was in Ethiopia, they had “two-hour coffees” in their culture.  That is, you would go out for coffee and spend two hours together talking and just be in the presence of each other.  Wow… taking two hours just to be with someone with no agenda.  When was the last time you and I did something like that!  Actually, I truly enjoy sitting with people over coffee to talk.  I seek to do so regularly during the week with different individuals.  Making time for them and they make time for me— making time for each other.  Isn’t that how we build relationships?  It is wonderful to get to know people and heart-wrenching sometimes to hear their story and how difficult life has been for so many. 

            How much more should we be doing this with our Lord!  Do we spend “two-hour coffees” with Him?  He did so with His disciples.  Look at all the time they spent together.  They spent time walking and talking together.  Sometimes they may have just been walking without talking.  They sat together talking and maybe sometimes just sat together without talking.  They ate together and talked or maybe sometimes they just ate.  Jesus spent time talking with His disciples individually and also in groups— talking and not talking…

            To get to know our Lord God Almighty we need to “be still.”  Just spend time in His presence listening and talking or just being “still” in His presence and not saying anything.  Do we seek to do so daily?  May it be so that we may get to know Him more and more.  Yes, Dear Father, I so desire just to sit at the feet of Jesus, as Mary did to listen, and may I do so in the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Your Son Jesus.  Yes, may I do so regularly, daily!

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