When he is carried to the grave, watch is kept over his tomb. The clods of the valley are sweet to him; all mankind follows after him, and those who go before him are innumerable. —Job 21:32-34

             150,000 people die every day… every day. Yet how many people personally do we know that have died today… or yesterday… or this past week? We may know of one or two, but surely just a few. But 150,000 die every day. They all have families and friends. They all have a story to tell. Each life is so valuable and the pain and grief of those left behind is enormous.

            This is the way of the life on this earth. There are “innumerable” people that have died up to this time and all the people born after us has the same fate. None escape death… except for those living when Jesus comes back! It is estimated that just over 100 billion people have lived and died up to this point. That is a lot of tears, sorrow and separation!

            If we are only looking at this life then our sight is very limited. We need to look beyond the grave to what lies ahead.   Jesus talked about the eternal destiny of all those who die. There are those who will wind up in hell because they never called on Jesus for salvation from sin and a new life with Him and there will be those who go to heaven because they did call on Jesus for salvation from sin and a new life with Him.

            One day you and I will be in that number of 150,000 people who have died on a particular day. I have no fear of that day because I have called on Jesus and I am living for Him now and will be with Him forever after I die. But how about you? Have you called on Jesus? If not then today is the day of salvation! Call on Him now while you have opportunity to do so!

Dear Father thank You for the life You have given me through Jesus. I am so grateful to know that I will be with Him forever when I die. May I truly encourage others to trust Him as well.   May this be so in the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Your Son Jesus.

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