Grandchildren are the crown of the aged… —Proverbs 17:6

            There are three things that catch my attention in this verse. The first is “grandchildren.” It is hard to believe that Elaine and I have seven grandchildren. Seven! Not only seven grandchildren, but seven grand-daughters— Abigail, Jordyn, Caroline, Maria, the twins— Jose & Julia and Autumn! Each one is so precious and so loved. Each one is so unique and special. What a joy to have my own children, but now what a joy for my children to have children and to be able to see this! I am grateful for these blessed gifts.

            The second thing that catches my attention is that grandchildren are grandparent’s crown. We usually equate a crown with kings and queens— those that rule, have authority and are in a special position. So it is with grandparents. The influence a grandparent has for good in a grandchild’s life is enormous. Even today I can ponder the impact my grandparents had on me. Crowns are also precious and valuable. Surely this describes grandchildren! Lord, may I be a positive influence in these precious lives. May this be so in the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Jesus.

            The third thing that grabs me in this verse is that, really, I am aged.   It is the aged that have grandchildren.   I guess I fall into that category now.   It is hard to believe, but I am there.   I used to wonder, while I was in high school, what I would be doing when the year 2000AD came around. Well, we are well past that now and here I am at 65 years old. Where did the time go? Oh, that I would be using the time I have left on this planet wisely. Yes, Lord, may that be so. May I be a godly influence on these grandchildren’s lives.   So be it! Yes, Dear Father be please to work though me to encourage them toward you.

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