A people without understanding will come to ruin. —Hosea 4:14

            How else could it end?  If people do not understand who the Lord is and our responsibility to Him then it will not end well.  We were designed by the Lord God Almighty to have relationship with Him and so those “ensnared by Satan being held captive to do his will” will come to ruin (II Timothy 2:26).  Satan is a destroyer and will destroy as many people as he can.  Satan entices people with pleasantries of the flesh in order to enslave them and lead them to destruction

            Look around you.  See how many people are without understanding as to who the Lord God Almighty is, what He desires and how He works.  Ok, there are multitudes around us like this.  Yet our Lord has us come into contact with them so we can share His Word with them that they might come to understanding.  May we be faithful in letting people know about Him.

Dear Father may this be so in the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Jesus.

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