Your children will be shepherds here for forty years, suffering for your unfaithfulness, until the last of your bodies lies in the wilderness. —Numbers 14:33

This faithless, godless generation of Israel would impact their children for 40 years. Their children would wonder in the wilderness for those 40 years and all their parents would die in that wilderness. Yes, faithless, godless generations affect not only their own children, but even generations after them.

Children in the womb are suffering greatly because of the faithlessness and godlessness of our leaders and those who have put them into office. Leaders can claim they believe in God and even believe in Jesus, but their actions speak louder than words flowing off their tongue. Well over 50 million babies have been killed and the recent bill defeated that would have made it illegal to abort babies at 20 weeks and above shows the callousness, faithlessness and ungodliness of our leaders.

The killing of 17 students recently was terrible, but not surprising with the culture of death that our nation has created through abortion, the teaching of evolution (survival of the fittest) and glorification of death on the screen—violent T.V. and video games, the removal of Bible reading, prayer and the Ten Commandments from schools. Loss of one life is terrible. How the Lord God Almighty grieves over the killing of His Creation!

The politicizing and sensationalizing of such personal tragedy is despicable. Those who do such things are completely selfish and hard-hearted. What about the 3000 shot in Chicago and the 572 that were been killed in the year 2017 through October 9th of this article? And this is on-going from year to year! Where is the outcry for those people?

Children are suffering alright and it is not because of guns… it is because of godlessness and faithlessness of our leaders and the population that put them in office. Say what you will about believing in God and trusting in Jesus… but your actions are what speaks and He knows all about it. The more our leaders encourage ungodliness and unfaithness… the more our culture and nation will glorify death and many will carry out what they have been taught— the survival of the fittest…

Dear Father, please give our leaders wisdom to turn to You and do Your will. Oh, that we would be a positive influence, a godly influence on our children and this next generation. Guide us, oh Lord, into being and doing what is right in Your sight by the power of Your Holy Spirit and in the authority of Jesus. So be it!

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