In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes. —Judges 21:25

Imagine a people, tribe or nation that is doing what they believe to be right “in their own eyes.” Imagine what that would look like on the roadways with no signs, no rules, no laws and everyone could drive as they desired. Imagine what chaos and destruction that would bring.

So to in any area. In the area of abortion there are those who think (I think) they are doing what is right. But that is what they are thinking according to their own eyes. That is how they are seeing it, but that is surely not the way God thinks about it.

Hitler did things that were right in his own eyes and look at the destroyed lives. Isis is doing what they think is right in their own lives and are murdering many. When people are left to their own devices, then only destruction can occur.

We were made to be in relationship with our Father in Heaven. He is the One who gives guidance through His Son and through His Spirit. If people are not willing to come under His care, then only destruction will follow.

Those living according to their “own eyes” will have no problem with cohabitation, adultery or sex of any kind outside the design of God. Nor will others have any problem with condoning it or making laws supporting it. They have no problem with abortion because they do not value life as God does. Nor will others have any problem with condoning it or making laws supporting it. So it is also with those who advocate and carry out euthanasia. Taking the Name of the Lord in vain is no big deal to those who do not know Him and want to do what is right in “their own eyes.” Lying and stealing are no big concerns to them either. Simply put, a nation that is doing what is right in its own eyes is a nation where the people will suffer in some form.

How fortunate we are to know the Lord and His will. He has shown us through His Word how we are to live and to do what is right according to His ways. May we be faithful in doing so in a world that is contrary to His ways.

Dear Father, I am grateful that You opened my eyes to see Your ways and not live according to my ways. Oh, that I would be more and more faithful to Your desires and die to mine. May it be so in the authority of Jesus and by the power of Your Holy Spirit.

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