Oh, that I had in the desert a lodging place for travelers… —Jeremiah 9:2

How many times have we heard people say they just want to get away to a secluded place… alone? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBa-e45o6eM Oh, to be on a paradise island and just listen to the waves without any worries or concerns. Is that what you are feeling?

Jeremiah wanted to get away from it all as well. He desired “in the desert a lodging place for travelers” to get away from what he was going through. There are times when we feel like just getting away from the normal routine of life, especially when things are tough.

Fellow follower of Jesus, we do have an eternal get away, the perfect place. It is where Jesus is now and we will be there with Him soon. https://youtu.be/bo9ZWX1lEKI?t=1022 Heaven is our home and what a joy it will be! Heaven with Jesus will be a far greater paradise than we will ever know on earth or imagine in our minds. Keep looking to the finish line. It is not that far off.

Dear Father, I do thank You for my perfect home in Heaven with Jesus. Oh to be there with Him now! But, please help me to finish the work You have for me on earth and to become more like Jesus. May it be so!

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