The descendants of Ephraim were Shuthelah, Bered, Tahath, Eleadah, Tahath, Zabad, Shuthelah, Ezer, and Elead. These two were killed trying to steal livestock from the local farmers near Gath. Their father, Ephraim, mourned for them a long time, and his relatives came to comfort him. Afterward Ephraim slept with his wife, and she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. Ephraim named him Beriah because of the tragedy his family had suffered. —I Chronicles 7:20-23

Two brothers killed for trying “to steal livestock from the local farmers near Gath.” Their actions caused mourning for a long time to their father as “his relatives came to comfort him.” Such heartbreak was brought onto their dad and family because of their sinful actions and the result of them.

Being involved in prison ministry has shown me the great mourning and heartbreak that takes place because of people’s sinful actions. Whole families mourn over the sinful actions of their loved ones. Families crumble and fall apart, marriages collapse and children take the brunt of adult’s sinful actions as is usually the case. Children are so often hurt the most and impacted for life.

As followers of Jesus, may we make a difference and have a positive impact in people’s lives. May it be so…

Dear Father, may I live in such a way that honors You. I can only live this type life in the authority of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit’s power. May I do so!

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