But the word of the Lord remains forever.” —I Peter 1:25

What or who can you fully and completely trust? Only God’s Word will remain forever and can be totally trusted. Yet so many people will not trust the Word of God but will trust in the word of man. I find it amazing how people will just follow what other people have to say and mostly without checking it out. God’s Word is the only foundation and measurement to discern what is true.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in the U.S. in a couple days. In a message I shared at the church I pastor I mentioned four of the Thanksgiving Proclamations of past presidents: Washington, Lincoln, Reagan and Obama. This nation is told again and again about the separation of Church and State— this is a lie and a revisionist’s history. Read the proclamations of the Presidents and then tell whether this is true or not. Words surely have meaning-

God’s Word will never pass away and it is exciting for me to read past Presidential Proclamations of those Presidents who quoted the Word of God. Yes, they were quoting from the Bible and never the Koran or any other “religious” book. This country surely was founded upon Christian values and there are threads in historical documents that prove this to be true. There have been and are many deceivers who are seeking to rewrite and miscommunicate our history, but it is written down for anyone to see. The trouble is… not many people will do this.

God’s Word remains forever and may the prayers of past Presidents of this nation be answered in this generation that national repentance and revival would take place. May it be so!

Doubt what I say? Then read the historical documents yourself.

Dear Father, may You be pleased to intervene in this nation in a special way that we could be a powerful and positive light in the world for Your honor and glory. With man this is impossible, but with You all things are possible. May it be so in the authority of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit’s conviction.

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