Yes, you are our pride and joy. I Thessalonians 2:20

What believer or group of believers stirs these words above in you? Is there a believer or group of believers that bring you pride and joy? If so, why do they?

One reason the apostle Paul could say this about the Thessalonians was because of their endurance through the persecution that they were experiencing. Though they were suffering because of following the Lord Jesus, they continued on. This was evidence that these people were truly believers and sought to be faithful to the Lord regardless of what circumstance they found themselves in. There are multitudes going through persecution today and are remaining faithful to Jesus. Pray for them and praise God for them! May we follow their example when persecution comes upon us.

Is there anyone who has “pride and joy” because of us? Are we living faithful to the Lord Jesus regardless of circumstances? May we be a positive impact in people lives because of perseverance even when difficulty comes upon us because of simply loving Jesus.

Dear Father, please help me to remain steadfast in Jesus regardless of what circumstances come upon me. I will trust You for the grace to bring me through.

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