But then a new king came to the throne of Egypt who knew nothing about Joseph. —Acts 7:18

Eventually, a new king came to power in Egypt who knew nothing about Joseph or what he had done. —Exodus 1:8

Those who do not know, understand or remember what has happened in the past are bound to make massive mistakes in the future. America came into existence so the people could come out from being under the rule of a tyrannical leader and worship according to God’s desires and not the king’s. We are well into the process of becoming an administrative state where religious liberties will be taken away and once again there will be a state church— one that bows to the state’s desires. Tyranny will once again rear its ugly head. Why will this happen? Because we have one generation who have not been taught the history of this nation and multitudes of other people who have been or are in the dark as to what is going on in our government. They do not want to be involved. We are beginning to reap what our complacent ways have sown.

I always find it interesting when I read the verses above of how the new king of Egypt came into power and he did not know anything about Joseph. How could a man come into that office of leadership and not know about Joseph, a man who had greatly impacted the nation? What manner of man was this new king who did not know of a major event, a 7 year famine that impacted the whole land of Egypt? Who was this king that did not have a clue about Joseph’s wonderful leadership during this time? However that could be, his ignorance about history caused him to make the terrible decision to enslave the Jewish people in Egypt. This appalling decision would keep the Jewish people in slavery for 400 years (Exodus 1:8-11; Acts 7:6). Yet, the Jewish people continued to multiply and grow powerful (Exodus 1:20).

Whether a tyrannical government rules or one that is free, those who follow the Lord God Almighty are to continue to follow Him faithfully. We are citizens of heaven first-most and citizens of a nation on earth to shine for the Lord Jesus and bear witness to Him. May we always be faithful regardless of which regime we come under.

Dear Father, I am grateful to know that heaven is my home and that I am a citizen of that most glorious place. May I be a faithful citizen of this country that You have placed me in, bearing testimony to Jesus my Lord. May it be so!

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